Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just a week ago, I (and some of my friends) were freaking out about the delay in the banking-in of our allowance from JPA.

We were going,
"How come JPA hasn't banked in our money?"

"Are they lacking in funds?"

"Is the delay because of the Permatang Pauh election??"

"What if they don't have enough money to send us to Scotland next year?"

Well, turns out we think too much. (wayyyyyyy too much!)
JPA FINALLY banked in our long awaited allowance!
(It was supposed to come in early of our semester 4, but now there's only 3 weeks left in our semester 4 before our study break begins. So, some of us are already drained of all our moolah!! LOL)

Anyways, once the moolah was in..Peas decided to get a new phone.
(Yes, in the end I bought a new phone. Although technically speaking, the phone is a "want" of mine, not a "need". So, I indirectly spent unnecessary money. *sigh*)
Along with the phone, I impulsively purchased a pair of earring, and a fish bone necklace which goes "bling bling" *sweat*

And so, that was where all my money went. Nevertheless, I personally find it rather good, as I did not buy any clothings^^

Continuing the story of how much my friends and I think, a good example would be when we watched the movie>>> Deception.

(Deception is a movie that's coming out in Malaysia next week, but you can get the DVD-rip for the movie online. LOL ;p)

Anyways, the movie was good. It's kind of like the movie Prestige, where there's suspense and a cloud of mystery going around, and a twist towards the end. However, my housemates and I agreed whole-heartedly that the script writer must have lacked creativity towards the end. The ending was just a wet blanket. It could have been much MUCH better.

In fact, the ending that my house mates and I thought off, is MUCH better. Our ending could have ended the whole movie with a bang. LOL;p (shiok-sendiri betul~)

Nevertheless, Hugh Jackman did a good acting, and he looks dashing^^
Also, there's Maggie Q with a sexy lingerie in the movie.

About the story, it's about how an accountant, Ewan McGregor, befriended Hugh Jackman, and was somehow sponsored by him to join a "sex club". So, there were scenes of *ahem ahem*, which I highly doubt will be seen in the cinema. LOL ;p

On a sideline, our team of bowling players got a GOLD^^ *cheers*
So here's a picture of the winners in yellow (except me and renly la~, we can't play bowling, we can only cuci longkang~ hahaha~)

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Hafizah said... nye u get to shop! Ive been really busy, I dont even have the time to go shopping!

Okay, I lied. *grins* Have the time, but no moolah. ;((((((

I so need money!

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