Monday, December 15, 2008

CAL session...

CAL session means Computer Assisted Learning session.

Yes. We, students in IMU have a session where we "study" using computers online. Though it sounds tech-savvy and all, it isn't (or at least i think it isn't).

Usually CAL sessions are short i.e plus minus one hour per session, depending on how long the online questions were.

And unfortunately for me and my fellow group C and D members, we had Mr Keivan as our lecturer-in-charge today. When he let us know that he'll collect the attendance at 4 pm, most of us (if not all of us) were shocked.

A batch mate who sat opposite me kept saying no and asked me to voice out our dissatisfaction. And so I did.

"Sir, this is our 3rd CAL session for the subject and there are only 3 quizzes. Some of us have done two of it, and only need to finish off the 3rd quiz which only consists of 10 questions."

He said, "So what time do you think you can finish it?"

We said, "3".

And the next thing I knew, he bombarded us with a question regarding the first quiz.
" how many types of adverse drug reactions are there?"


No one answered loud enough.

So, he asked another question,

"Give me an example of a type B reaction."

I flipped my module notes and was partially waving my hands frantically. That must have caught his attention and he said,

"What about the girl at the back?"

"toxic epidermal necro....lysis" I replied while peeping at my book.

"What does it mean?"

"err...something related to dead skin cells," I said after pondering.

" name me a type c reaction without refering to your book."

I managed to flip the page and saw that it was a continuous kind of reaction.

But I didn't dare to reply immediately, as I began to chicken out.

I think he said something about "since your friend is unable to answer the question....."

"I will be back at 4."


Yes. It was literally silent, at least for several minutes before he finally left the venue. *sigh*

SO now i'm stuck in e-lab, blogging. LOL....


flowerspirit said...

He's mean.

WenYi said...

haha..oh yes he is, i forgot to mention the part where he actually counted 3 seconds for me to answer his question....@#%*

milochel said...

wows.. lansi betul...

our lecturer aso sth lik tat la...

damn sinis and sarcastic ooo...

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