Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Singapore Trip


I skipped one day of class just to go to Singapore with my mum and my bros.
Best of all, no one knew that I skipped class. (except my housemates I guess ;p)

I reached back a few hours ago, and met several of my batch mates while heading "home". When I asked one of them,
"What happened in class today?"
Siva said,

"Eh, you didn't come for class today?"

Well, duh, point proven that most of my batch mates are usually oblivious to their "surrounding", me included. LOL ;p

Anyways, interesting things that I saw in Singapore.

hmmm.....Buang Kok.....
Buang = Throw (in Malay)

So, when we saw this.....

Wah....Throw "Cock" Medical centre!!!!!!

But then, look closely to the left.
Buangkok is actually "man guo" i.e something like Bangkok or "man gu".
My brothers and I, albeit a bit "kampung"-like, discussed about the fact how such a weird interesting name came up and became the name of the whole area.

Anyhow, other stuff that which I experienced while in Singapore will be in pictures. I am a bad writer.

Yup, I went to Hooters in singapore with my relatives and my 9-year old nephew.

Just in case you wonder what is hooters famous for, let me give u a brief idea.
Their waitresses dress up in super mini short pants, where in certain cases you can see part of their lovely butts popping out AND that's not the only thing you'll see "popping" out.
Their waitresses also wear a white tank top, which reveals their cleavage.

Of course not ALL their waitresses have beautiful assets as those you get in a playboy magazine. But at least they are daring enough to wear the skimpy uniform, and go around serving people.
And, thankfully the waitress that served our table, had assets which were desirable ;p

Sadly enough, I didn't have the guts to take pictures of the waitresses in fear of offending their privacy. So, if you're interested in the "hooters" do google them up ;p

And to end the post, I love this picture.
It feels...nice ;p

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