Sunday, March 29, 2009

Movie review: Talentime

Before the movie review, let's start off with my "hectic" day right after PP2's paper.

PP2 ended at 4.30pm and was followed by another PP2-like "lecture" by a lecturer who flew over from Scotland to "brief" us regarding what we should expect in Glasgow. It was rather disappointing as I felt most of the things mentioned have been covered by a pre-departure talk given by our seniors. Haha..

Nevertheless, when the "briefing" ended around 6.30pm, we were all hyped out about going out and having our hungry stomachs filled!! Hehe^^ It was a long discussion and we decided to head to Pyramid for our dinner at 8pm =)

After a yummy dinner in Zanmai Sushi we headed off to Quattro in Avenue K.
It was a nice place to take pictures like this,

and this,

but the dance floor wasn't nice at all. It was packed till the max, which means no space to dance around. It was just people standing around = ='' Thus the conclusion is, the place is over rated! Go once to take pics, and dont go again. LOL~~~~

Since the place wasn't as entertaining as we'd hoped, we headed back to vista and had a drinking night out while playing "sek chai". This is the second time around we played it, and still it never ceases to entertain. ROFL~

We played and played till the wee hours of the morning till Sinye's apartment punya apartment decided to call it a day. The three musketeers however, we in no shape to "balik" so they stayed back and in the end we chatted and chatted till it was 8am! Yes, since the birds are out chirping and the sun was out shining so brightly, we decided to go have Dim Sum in Sri Petaling. Haha....

Anyways, the day continued on with a meeting regarding IMU Ball, which was then followed by a sumptous food tasting session in Marriott!! Ngek ngek ngek~

The food was seriously good. Especially the lamb meat. Peas like lamb, so I'm biased towards the lamb!! Haha, I shall upload the pictures of the food in the Ball's blog soon =)

By the time the food tasting ended, I got back to vista at 6.30pm whereby I immediately started packing my stuff to load it ALL back home~ I had sooo many stuff that the entire car was almost filled up! And now that my stuff is back in Klang, my room is in a mess, but the cleaning will have to come later. I'm so preoccupied doing other stuff like blogging, sleeping, chatting and watching drama now. Haha~ Plus I have to prepare for my PP3 presentation~~~ *sigh*

The yesterday, after a good night's sleep, I went out to catch a local movie called Talentime (click here to go to the official website of the movie, you can have a look at the preview there as well =) OR you can also learn more about the movie from wikipedia.

It's a movie by Yasmin Ahmad, the director of the famous "sepet".
The story revolves around a school talentime show, and involves the stories of the participants. It was touching, and funny at the same time. The one thing I admire about the director is that she dares to put those issues such as how Chinese students are the "kiasu" ones, how Indians get involved in fights among one another, and other issues which I found trully related to me, a Malaysian.

It's a simple movie, nothing fancy. SO don't expect flying saucers with blazing lights nor big robots or big action scenes. It's just a movie about love and life. It was 2 hours long, so it did get draggy at some point, but overall, I think it's worth it to support the local director =) And honestly, I think that the director Yasmin Ahmad is a really nice person especially after I visited her blog. Hehe... btw, she's got a new blog here.

btw, i took this from Yasmin Ahmad's blog. Isnt this guy cute? *giggles*
LoL~ he's one of the actor in the movie who used his real name on screen. LOL~ he's called Ka Hoe, but he didnt look so cute in the movie. LOL~ If he'd been smillling throughout the movie I would have went

" cute!!!!!"

all the way throughout the movie.. haha;p

Wait, I baru perasan that I havent talked much about the movie. haha, and since i'm lazy, i'll jz extract it from wikipedia lah~

The following is a rough story given by Yasmin in her October 15, 2007 entry on her blog:

"A music teacher, who is herself a great performer is organising an inter-school talentime. Through the days of auditions, rehearsals and preparations, running up to the big day of the contest, the characters get embroiled in a world of heightened emotions - ambition, jealousy, human comedy, romance, heartbreak - all of which culminate in a day of great music and performances."

Yasmin also mentioned that the idea behind Talentime: That as humans, we have to go through a lot of pain and some measure of suffering before we can reach greater heights.

Go watch and support the movie! And one more thing,
I LOVED the music used in the movie!
And there were a few short poems which were lovely, such as

"If the moon can linger in the morning so bright, why can't the sun do the same at night?" -Melur-



youzhuan said...

wah... i shall go and watch... i thought it was just another malay movie...
hehe, yea, quatro dont even have a dance floor...

WenYi said...

nope, it's yasmin ahmad's movie, not too shabby =) it's a little towards those artistic movies. hehe =)

i think u'd like it uz =)

youzhuan said...

i think i will too!
apparently, i have the weirdest taste on movies, among other things...

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