Friday, April 24, 2009

IMU Ball 2009 ~

I know I'm a little backdated. My apologies dear bloggie.
Peas have been a little preoccupied after the ball.

Preoccupied watching Gossip Girl!
Yes, my starting on gossip girl is a little backdated as well, BUT, Peas have finally completed season 1 and season 2 till episode 17!!! *cheers* (currently, I am streaming the next few episodes online, but the internet connection is really really BAD = =)

Back to the ball.....
The ball, erm, was FANTASTIC!!!
LOL~ (from my point of view as a committee member ;p)

It started off a little late (it was rather late = = because people can't camwhore enough, that they needed HOURS before the ball to take them = = poor peas on the other hand, didn't take enough. In fact, the pictures I took are disappointingly minimal!!!

I forgot to take a picture of the ballroom's entrance = =
I forgot to take a picture with the butterfly ice carving = =
I didn't even take pictures with the block letters (did I??)
I didnt get to take a full length picture in the hotel's BIG BIG mirror >.<
I didn't get to take nice solo shots of myself = =
I didnt take pictures with MANY MANY ppl *sigh, this is the WORST sorrow of them all*

If there is a next time, I will not be a ball committee!!!!!

Though it was a sweet experience, but I doubt it's as nice as you being a guest instead of an organizer. You'll get to enjoy more, and there wouldn't be the hassle of running around the hall collecting votes and counting them.
Not to mention, me having to dismantle the decoration items, in my ball dress and heels *sigh*

Before the ball, I was hammering away. (nailing the red arch together). I guess I must have looked overly masculine (yes, a girl who can hammer in nails better than guys is consider masculine;p) so much so, that a guy from the event company i.e an outsider told me,

"You're in the wrong course, aren't you?

You should be doing something like architecture or something."

= =''
I guess that's goodbye to my feminine side~~~~~

However, as a ball committee, I achieved my original goal of joining which was to gain invaluable experience. Along the line, I met many new friends which proved to be good company =) And of course, being part of the committee, is something that I am proud of ^^

I shall not elaborate more, but let pictures do the talking!!!!
one of the many things I did pre-ball, deco!!!!! masterpiece!!! (the cover was designed by elaine, but the content was done by me, so friends, keep it!!!!!!!! hehe =)

after the hard work, it's time to dress up and glam up. Both pictures are me with my hair set =) the only difference is before and after make up. I like my after make-up shots without flash, but the ballroom was TOO dark, so I had to on the flash, which in the end, made me look like some shiny monster *sobs*

more deco work~ The only thing done by me is the block letters behind! I outline them all with purple strips of paper!!! (except the 09 numbers;p)

other than nice deco, we had a special light performance =)

our lovely prom queen, and cute prom king. wait, both of them are CUTE^^

The committee members on stage for the toasting ceremony. Can you spot me?

the flowers!!!

and P107!!! The batch that rocks!


renly said...

I didn't know u did the booklet content!! Errr...i didn't take ot..*pull ears*

WenYi said...

meow~~~ how could u do that to me?? *sad*

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