Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you for the memories

It was sweet while it lasted.

Yeah, it is.

I jz broke up with Carrots (which many of you have also fondly call him).
And I would say it's a mutual agreement between the both of us.

I'd half expected us to break up. Because I had that thought.
But not when it's uttered from his mouth.

It'd hurts. But as they all say, time heals.
However, for now, the tears would come by so often, that I wonder where all the H20 came from. I'd also get reminded of what my primary school teacher once told the class when he'd "rotan" or caned anyone of us.

He'd tell us,
"I'm doing you all a favor. When you cry, you'll clean your eyes and keep them moisturized."

So right now, my eyes are SUPER moisturised. = =


kev said...

which teacher?Pn Usha?haha

WenYi said...

nah~ it's not srk, the other chinese primary school of mine, the one near klang parade...

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