Saturday, May 09, 2009

I am a lyricist

Devi darling inspired me to write this:

They say i flirt,
But I only talk,
I only told them,

gimme a lift,
and gimme gifts,
or else i'll walk,
and let u talk,

And I showed this to a few of my friends =)

See, he said it's NOT BAD^^
NOT BAD, means GOOD lah~
LOL, two negatives make a positive!!! Haha XD

ROFL...all praise the top lyricist--> Peas^^ *cheers*

Although one said~

He said I had too much time on my hands??? Maybe...
BUT, the main point is that he asked,
"Did u seriously write that yourself?"

*snicker* it actually implies is TOO GOOD to be written by me. ROFL.
copyrights to Peas! So, if Britney starts singing something like that, it's by ME ;p

and just to proof that I am the original lyricist:

1's are ORIGINALS!
Coming up with NEW ideas is NATURAL.

*yes, I am so happy and hyper today, I wonder why too. Hehe^^*

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