Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's another day...

I dislike reports.
I dislike feeling tired.
I dislike feeling alone.
I dislike not being hyper.

Peas woke up this morning, and headed to Isle of Canbraie with a group of international students (didn't really get to know many of them, only 2 from China..I guess I didn't put that much effort in)

It was all good. Really.

There were beautiful blue skies.

Beautiful flowers.

Beautiful scenery.
(yes, i am part of the scenery ;p)
the international students who went~

And the cold sea breeze on your face while cycling (despite the sorching sun).
I wanted a solo pic of me on a bike, and realised there was none = =''

Despite the great start of the day, i came back, had dinner.
And that was when everything went downhill *sigh*

I think it's not normal for me to be quiet. So ppl came asking what's wrong me.
Problem is, I don't really know what's wrong.
I just feel down at times and I just don't know who to tell.

I've got great housemates. But I don't feel that I can tell them everything despite the years we've spent together. I am reminded of the fact that I no longer have anyone else to share these things with anymore. And so I get even lonely. So that leads me to telling my open blog. So pathetic= =''

I used to jz tell random ppl on msn how sad i am, and they'd cheer me up. But somehow I've gotten to an extent where I shut off my msn = =

Reports are due. Class tests are coming up.
Mental exhaustion, physically tired but still up at 3am = =

gonna go try finish off one report before i head to bed.
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