Friday, July 17, 2009

Peas is off the London

Yup, peas is gonna go off to London city by bus in slightly more than an hours time!! Whee~

I've got a wee bit of runny nose right now, but Peas is confident that armed with Panadol tablets and a whole roll of toilet paper, there's nothing that is gonna stop her from having a good time ;p

For the dreadful PP3 paper, Peas got a total deduction of -235 marks.
For the vet prescription alone, -150 marks was given i.e I killed the poor kitty called "woopsie". Yes, it's a BIG FAT WOOPS~~~~ LOL~~~ Oh well, luckily no marks are accounted for that~ Let's hope I do better in the next class test =)

1 comment:

yieng said...

dont worry...
the vet prescriptions are always very mafan wan.
you"ll do better in next test.. :)

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