Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movie Review: Going the Distance

Thank You NUFFNANG for giving me TWO movie passes to catch the movie "Going the Distance" starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long :)

It's a really sweet and romantic movie about two people falling in love and trying to make a long distance relationship work. But before the guys go
"Ewww...not another chick flick"

Let me convince you that it's not the common chick flick. It's a matured movie (rated 18sg in Malaysia) which is very well infused with sexual erm...jokes? as well as the usage of the word f*ck
Which I think is great as it shows that the Malaysian movie board has finally decided to let Malaysians grow up by watching uncensored movies :)

It's hard to explain how interesting the movie is portrayed so here's the trailer for the movie. If you enjoy the trailer, you'd probably enjoy the movie itself too :)

I am really glad I made the long drive all the way from Klang to MidValley just to catch the screening because I got the chance to meet fellow bloggers:

Sheerene and Xiu Qi

(do let me know if I missed out anyone else, because there were so many bloggers, and I met them all for the first time. So do forgive my aging memory *gomenasai*)

*yay, I've gotten pictures from XiangCool *

It was indeed an interesting day for me, because I found out that I was the OLDEST blogger among them >.< Man...age is definitely catching up on me *sigh*

Plus, I got to meet my high schoolmate ShinDee (a.k.a The Gypsy) after such a long time!! It was great to have met her that day! And yes, I will update my blog regarding the places I have traveled in the past year soon ( I shall try not to procrastinate *fingers crossed*)

Once again, thank you NUFFNANG :)
ps: nuffnang, if u read this, could u gimme back my gliteratti status? *pretty please*


Katak said...

is the movie nice?
actually what do SG SX mean?
btw, i'm old enough for 18sg/sx movie XD
I watched she's out of my ledge and erm.. it's really very 18sx/sg XD

-JayLeo™- said...

@ katak: quite okay la d movie despite poor ratings XD XD

@ wenyi: thanks for d invite jiejie! wow.. u blogged this before u off for ur pd trip. haha. am sure they'll give u back ur status.

U were going the distance for this MOVIE! =D

Mabel Low said...

HAHAa... the trailer is farney! XD
YESH! Another movie to be added into my to-watch list :P

toninkush said...

why didnt take any photos with your date? haha yeah im waiting for Xiang's photos as well

-JayLeo™- said...

@ tony: yalo...we were supposed to snap but the lights were off immediately =\

shii teck said...

ching yih, ask her for another date then can take pic with her lo.

jason said...

Omg~! i wan d Collar Badge!! *envy!!!* :P Congrats old lady.. how old are u act? :P

-JayLeo™- said...

@ shii teck: ok lo. see u all on wed I hope. U bring ur DSLR along la.haha

Gypsy On The Move said...

Heyyy!! It's really nice meeting you!

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