Friday, September 10, 2010

The Flowers :)

**Note: This is going to be a LOOONG post**

Okay, let's start off by me saying:

I miss my housemates a LOT!!

Me, Renly, Poh Yee and Chin Yeong during the Christmas Party in Glasgow [Dec 2009]

My student life was fantastic because I had them by my side.
I therefore dedicate this post to them: my housemates, Renly, Poh Yee and Chin Yeong.

The flowers in cheongmsam during the CNY event we organised in Glasgow :) [Feb 2010]

That's Renly and Chin Yeong having some fun in Glasgow. LOL.
Renly's the Mum feeding Baby Chin Yeong some contact lens solution I mean milk :P

I've been staying with Poh Yee since INTEC (way back in 2004 i.e. I've stayed with her for 6 years!! ENAM tahun!! As for the other two (Chin Yeong and Renly), I've stayed with them since I started studying in IMU in 2006 i.e 4 years! They have been great source of laughter and happiness in our little family :)

We've done all sorts of silly things together, including setting up a friendster profile for ourselves.

LOL...funny stuff indeed.
And here's the introduction to the flowers :)

Yes, I am bunga rafflesia of all things! Rafflesia!! I still have no idea why Mr Raj (the creator of the name: Flowers) named me Rafflesia >.<

Then there's chin yeong who got to pick her own flower; sunflower :)
Which I think suits her a lot, as she's a bubbly girl who brings happiness and laughter to those around her, kinda like a sunflower don't you think?

And renly is a periuk kera. LOL. I think Raj gave her that name because she has a very special ability (something to do with her mouth :P)

And finally there's Poh Yee, the pokok semalu, which according to Raj is the total opposite of her. As you all may know, a semalu (Mimosa pudica) is a plant that instinctively closes it's leaves as a protective mechanism when touched. Poh Yee on the other hand, bites (instead of shying away) when provoked. LOL~

So there's the introduction on four out of the original five flowers :)

Now, while I was studying in Glasgow, not everything was bright and sunny for me. I had my down times whereby I got depressed and cried, especially during the first few months in Glasgow [emo post here].

But I am thankful as I have great housemates who always cheered me up, and picked me up when I got down. If it weren't for them, perhaps my year in Glasgow would hv sucked big time. I actually had a really REALLY good time in Glasgow. I kinda regret not blogging more while in Glasgow as those memories would have been preserved forever in this blog if I had wrote about it. Oh well...

I will always remember that Chin Yeong and Renly did this note for me, while I was stressed out during our final study break in gloomy Glasgow. It's a cute note of their scribblings and random drawings of the places I would be going visiting after the exams :) And I am glad to say that I have visited all the places listed except for Poland :) Notice the little heart shape note there? That's by Sin Ye my lovely Kalyana Mitra :)

Sinye, Sinyen and Myself at Broga Hill recently.

Sin Ye darling, if you read this, I wanna say a big

"XIE XIE" to you, for being my great kalyana mitra who has supported me when I was the saddest in Glasgow. I am blessed to have met you and keep your positive energy going dear :) Mwahs~

Thats Poh Yee looking like Ju-On on bad hair days. And yes, despite her looking like Ju-on, and some say Vendetta when she gives the evil smile, she's been my housemate/roommate for more than 6 years, so I will still stand beside her. LOL. Miss Leong, if you ever read this,

"Make sure you learn how to drive so that you can be the one driving the car instead of me! And when I become the co-driver, I will make sure I fall asleep while u drive :P

To Renly, the baby of the house, who is adorable all the time and loves being manja-ed:

Mummy will be here for you till you grow old okay? *mwahs* Make sure u get married before me, so that I can carry my "cucu" or if you want "cucu-cicit" also can :P

That's Chin Yeong :) She's the tiniest in the house but has the biggest smile and biggest heart :) I love the fact that she's got such a kind heart and I am more than happy that she's found her prince charming :)

To Chin Yeong:

THANK YOU for being so patient and kind to me :) I really appreciate it. Hehe~ I know I've got bad tempers, but you are always so nice, meow will always remember it~ And faster get married with Jay Bee la..I wanna see your babies too.. hahaha~~

That's JayBee (representing Baby Renly while she was off with her Kennethsaur) and us during winter in Glasgow on January 2010 :)

And here's a picture of us housemates in September 2009, in Germany, during our first ever summer trip which lasted for 21-days. LOL. Here's the post I wrote on that long trip :)

Us girls with Brendan (the self-proclaimed leaf among us the flowers) during our graduation ball in Glasgow [May 2010]


Wen Yi :)


Opps.... I had missed out my other flower: DEVI~~

Hehe...she threw an imaginary bi*ch fit because I didn't mention her.

Devi dear,

You know I love you despite my not mentioning you in the post. I was in a rush to write the whole post and had wanted to focus on the flowers in Glasgow more. I sincerely apologize for not mentioning you. I'm so sorry dear~

Devi was my housemate when I was studying in IMU for two and a half years. She was the man of the house = the daddy! But she was always out of home, going around, leaving me (the mummy of the house) to take care of

- the baby (renly)
- maria the maid (chin yeong) and
- the milkmaid (poh yee)


Yes, we each had our own roles while staying in IMU :D
But Devi daddy cooks great mutton curry!! And is a great teacher! We'd all discuss past year papers together and she'll give the best explanation for everything :D

The flowers way back in August 2007.
ps: I was thinner back then. I've gained much weight since then :'(


CYeong said...

muacksss!!! miss u too mum!!!
let's plan for next gathering when we know our schedule!! ^^

WenYi said...

okay :) mwahs~~~~ *big hugs*

devi said...

u conveniently forgot me! hmmmph. throws bitch fit. I do not like you!

youzhuan said...

awww this is lovely wenyi!!! i've always like u all punya sisterhood!!

what's Kalyana Mitra?

-JayLeo™- said...

Rafflesia ! lol. all so lenglui.... i shud've joined vern xi n ying hui for Pharmacy at IMU T.T

WenYi said...

devi: thought the missing daddy wont be visiting my blog...sorreh~~~ *big hugs* me still like u nonetheless~~

yz: lol~ u've got ur own real sisters too at home :) that's real sisterhood :D

jayleo: yes i am rafflesia :P yalo, u should hv joined them in IMU so that u can be surrounded by lengluis :P

youzhuan said...

hehe yea... it is really nice...
btw, renly and periuk kera sound so wrong....hehe
tho what does Kalyana Mitra means?

renly said...

as much as i heart this post soooooooooo much, the part that says i have a special ability with my mouth sounds freaking wrong!!!lol..

Anyway, pwomise u gonna be here with me till i grow old??*shows little finger*

Thank you mummy for the wonderful years we're together too!! I love you!!

WenYi said...

haha, yup, renly is the periuk kera that has special abilities with her mouth..LOL :P

renly: *little finger promise* me promise~~ hehe~~ mwahs~~

-JayLeo™- said...

am regretting now =\ while I know more and more and more IMU ppl =/ LOL

CYeong said...

reading this blog again and again.. and listening to Graduation by Vitamin C as the background music in my blog.
really really miss the moment we (the 5 flowers) had together since INTEC..
really glad to meet all of u in my life..
our "flower-hood" shall bloom even greater after this.. ^^
must catch up every now and then, k?

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