Monday, September 13, 2010

Sky Trex Extreme Challenge!!

Just the other weekend (September 5th) I went with my friends to Sky Trex which is located in the Taman Pertanian Shah Alam!

It was a fun-filled day whereby I got to

a) climb like a monkey

b) fly like a fox...wait, foxes can't fly.. i mean fly like a flying fox :p

We braved ourselves and took the leap of faith and directly joined the ultimate Extreme Challenge!!

It's the latest circuit in Sky Trex which boasts 21 challenges and heights up to 22metres! *woots*

It's really REALLY high. I'm not kidding.

But not to worry, safety is extremely well taken cared off.
Every participant will be briefed on how to use the "pulley" and will be given a chance to try-out a mini-course before being sent off to the challenges :)

Plus, if you chicken out halfway, there's an ayam exit for you. LOL~

Overall, if you book in groups of more than 10pax, you will be entitled to get a 10% discount! So each of us paid RM40.50 instead of RM45 :)

So here are more pictures to summarize the great day out!

I was only posing with the chicken exit, I swear!
I did not chicken out at all :D *proud of myself*

Posing around after completing the course :D

To end the post, I would definitely recommend everyone to go for Sky Trex!! It's really fun and I think it's money well spent!! But do note, it's advisable for you to book in advance online via their website [here]

As a final picture, here's me posing mid-air among the trees :D


Wen Yi


dblchin (double chin) said...

wow! Seems like a lot of fun! I also wana goooooo

WenYi said...

haha, yea, it was great fun :) you should drop by when u come to malaysia~

-JayLeo™- said...

yor yor yor.... din ask me go! =p
@ dblchin: okay, we ask wenyi bring us go next time! LOL

Michael said...

im jealous....

i always wanted to do something like this...

take care wen-yi!

--andy-- said...

Luckily got ayam exit.Uncle-me got height phobia lah haha (maybe they have kids version for my babies?)

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