Monday, April 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home~

I always go back once a week, since my house is quite near my hostel (roughly a 20-mins drive). And UiTM actually has a policy where students are supposed to leave a 'yellow-card' at the guardhouse if they are staying out for the night. This a rule which was told to us during the 1st sem, and a rule which i NEVER applied until that day.

Usually my parents would pick me up on friday evenings about 6-7pm. But last weekend they picked me up later cause i went out with my bfs' sister for the day and we came back the hostel about 10.30pm. So my parents came around 10.50pm. As i was casually walking out towards the front gate with my big-red-backpack which looks like some ninja-turtle shell, and a white plastic bag on my hands, the guard called, "Ah moi~"

My first thought was, "Aiyah~ trouble.." My mum who was standing outside the gate, quickly walked in, and then the guard started talking about the "yellow-card" (its not the yellow card in football..talking about football, i played Fifa on ps2 with my bf and i lost, cause the only thing i knew how to do was tackle and more tackle, so in the end, i had 2 or 3 yellow cards -_-" and i always kick away the ball once i get it, i hv no idea how to make the player run along with the ball..)

So back to story, the guard mentioned the CARD, and that we students hv to send it in, bla bla i had to climb all the way up to the 5th floor to get that silly card. And it doesnt even hv my picture cause i tore it out for my IELTS application form many MANY months ago. So down i went again with The Card (and did i mention how scary the whole place was? the lights on the stairway were mostly switched off because many girls went back, as in balik-kampung for the long weekend. So i had to switch on the lights as i went up. But the thought of me being the only one in the whole entrance made the whole experience, horrifying!)

Back at the guard house, my mum was chatting with the guards, and they were telling her stories that some girls in our hostel would leave the compound late at night through D.I.Y holes on the fence 0.0 This was rather shocking as i've always thought ONLY guys would do such things. I mean imagine a girl trying to sneak out a hole on the fence late at night. It quite a weird picture to me. After i filled in the form, the guard asked me, "Bag banyak besar ya? Bawa balik baju untuk cuci ke?" Well, the only thing i could do was give a 'sweet' smile cause its never good to offend the guard, you'll never know when they'll saman u indecency -_-"

Now, being back home is good. There are unlimited benefits of being at home :
1. Free internet access without any restrictions
2. Unlimited anime episodes to watch
3. Music all day long.
4. Mummy's homecooked meals
5. Mamak sessions with friends
6. Movies
7. Laundry service
8. Free tidbits
9. Queen-sized bed
10. Extended sleeping hours
11. Brothers to talk to
12. Transportation available
13. and the list goes on and ON. Hehe =P

Home Sweet Home =)

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