Saturday, April 15, 2006

aLL iN a WeeK

It seems that i havent been blogging much (thanks to my lazy nature, even a 10mins walk to the computer lab is considered troublesome. Haha=)
Anyways, quite a lot of things happened this week. For instance,

1. I got a NEW handphone (one which is not passed down from my dad)
-its a Sony Ericsson k700i which i got on tues from low yat, for rm660.
It's nothing fancy but definately a 100%(or more) better than my old one. Haha..
at least this phone has mp3 n a camera =)
plus, bluetooth n infra-red!
but, i didnt buy the cable..should hv bought it that day, sending files through infra-red is really-really sloW!

2. I fell sick -_-"
i dont know who passed the virus to me...but on tues itself i began to hv sorethroat. The next day (weds) , the sorethroat got worse n i had body ache. Climbing up n down 5floors drained most of my energy. So i slept a lot on weds. And i think bcoz of that i had a really weird dream that night. (though by now i've totally forgotten what it was about, all i remember is that many characters appeared in it)
Then, the next day my roomie said i kept making weird noises when i slept. Not only that, she said i slept in a 'special' position with my limbs stretched and, i scratched myself quite often. Well, its hard to deny the facts she told me, for i hv a history of grabbing covers n kicking ppl while i sleep. Hahaha=)

3. I went swimming on fri
Its been a very very long time since i went swimming. Thankfully i can still fit into my swimsuit. (duh, its strecthable, if i can't fit in means i hv a serious BMI problem.) Anyways, it was drizzling that time, yet my parents were still enthusiastic to swim. So i obviously had to tag along. I didnt feel comfortable cause not only was i still unwell, but also bcoz of the amount of fat which i gained through the past few months are bulging out. Well, i know u'll say its only my imagination or i'm being too sensitive...but its true!
My mum said my thighs were fair n FAT. -_-" plus u know how body fat will vibrate when u swim..its scary..all the extra lipids dangling n vibrating...eww..
Haih...its a sad story...excess i cant seem to get rid of it as my metabolism rate has decreased significantly. And i would like to mention, i'm lazy...i dont exercise much anymore..=(

SO, there's my update for the week =)

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