Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bye bye osim..

Every beginning has an end, and last Friday was my last day with Osim.

I had already came up with that decision since I was informed about the "permanency" job under Nestle as a promoter or trialing specialist.

Money factor.
What other reasons can there be, right? >.<

Wait, there are other reasons too;
I don't have enough time for myself.
eg. No time to watch anime
no time to blog.
no time to play o2jam.
no time to laze around the house.
no time to even go online at home.

Yup, I tend to find reasons to make myself look like the victim. And I have been convincing myself that the main reason for my resignation is ALL about the long working hours. NOT about the money, talk about self-denial -_-"

Anyways, my initial plans of getting a 5-day office job seems to have gone down the drain. Mainly cause I can't seem to get my butt moving; its stuck either on a couch or on the bed.

Looks like all the u-zapping i did in the previous month means nothing. And soon, i'll b the one buying a u-zap. That is if I manage to get the money to buy one.

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