Monday, October 16, 2006

IMU.. take 2

I finally got my acceptance letter from IMU!
It happened a couple of days back when I was at work; away from home.
Out of the blue, a friend called me and asked me whether I received the acceptance letter.
I was like, "What accpetance letter?"

The one from IMU.

"Huh? I havent got it worr.."

U havent received it? IMU is asking us to pay up RM16k by end of this month!

"HUH? How come?"

I don't know..U havent got the letter right?


Nvm then, i'll ask the others. Bye.

Actually, the conversation was much longer than this. But that jz about sums it up. Haha^^
After the call, I was wondering whether I got the letter.

I consoled myself saying that I did well during the interview so there's no way I screwed up, right?

Then a text message came in from another friend, saying,
" hey, i got the acceptance letter already! Have u got urs?"

Bummer! Where's my letter? How come my parents didnt call me?
And that's about the ONLY two questions I had in mind. After awhile, I forgotten about the whole IMU thingy till I went home.

From the very moment my mum came and pick me up, she was already blabbing non-stop about the IMU letter and that I should send it in real soon.
Till today, the nagging continues.

Anyways, what I have learnt about the proper method of solving the IMU acceptance letter is as follows:

1. Get an AFFIDAVIT from JPA. How?
--> call them and tell them u need an affidavit. If the JPA number can't the accessed u can try to numbers in this page[JPA Contact Numbers]

2. Send in the affidavit and the other forms back to IMU, along with a payment of RM690 to IMU.

3. Finish. LOL.

Sounds simple, but in reality getting the affidavit is a real pain in the a$$.
I called in, and the lady asked me to send in a copy of my acceptance letter by IMU and then they'll send back the affidavit to me.

Ya..that's what she told me to do. (either that or misunderstood what she meant)
Hopefully everything will turn out fine. If not....
My mum's hair might jz turn white overnight! LOL^^

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