Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yet again it took me so so super-duper long to post something up.

Its not that i'm lazy or anything, its jz that i get too preoccupied by other happenings in my life I jz couldnt find the time; or I jz couldn't care less about finding a time to update. there's my oh-so-honest confessions on what's been going on.

Anyways, back to reality, 'many' things happened.

1. I'm no longer a stalker.
Why? cause the agency which gave me the job couldnt extend the darn contract. Which is guess was probably due to the fact that part-timers from agencies, like me, are break-lovers, which means we work less than the stipulated time in the contract. Oh well, at least during my time there I met loads of interesting ppl^^

2. I'm jobless (on weekdays) again.
On the last day of my job, the thought of me being jobless again didnt realy cross my mind. The only thing that was running was proabably the estacy of knowning I neednt go back n make calls the next day. And also the fact that my frens and I were madly snapping pictures in every single place which we think would look nice on print-_-'' and one of those places include the lift. Luckily this was ended by out stern newly appointted supervisor.

3.I'm NO longer a teen!!
Yup, I'm officially no longer a 19 year old! Sheesh..makes me feel sad yet happy at the same time.
Sad because I'm no longer a teenager. At least when i was nineTEEN, i still had the word 'teen' in my age. But now? I only see the big TWO.
However, I am happy too. At least when ppl guess my age as 20++ now, it wouldn't hurt my self esteem that much anymore because its partly true! Hahaha^^

4. Did I mention that I permed my hair?
I paid money to make my hair look like it got burnt; at least that's what one of my fren said to me-_-'' Anyways, most of the comment arent really nice. Not a single one told me this line, "It looks GREAT!" To make matters worse they say my previous hairdo is much better. Sheesh...So, I had to console myself that its all because my hair isnt coloured and that a permed hair must always go with colour if not i'll look plain n ugly. And jz because of that thought, I have had this urge to colour my hair more than anything. (but of course the price has to be within my budget, which unfortunately I dare not mention in my blog for fears that ppl might laugh their guts out after knowning my absurdly low budget...)

* I had wanted to post up pics of my permed hair together with pics which i took with my colleagues in PJ but I'm jz to lazy to do so. HahahaXD

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|dAia| said...

waa....happy birthday wendy!!upload ar pic.wanna see new hairdo.heheh.

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