Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm rotting away..

I can't believe the amount of time I spent in front of the darn tv and computer today!

My life - working/studying - friends - family/bf = No life

Every single time I stop working or have a break, the same old thing repeats itself.I'm left all alone at home like an idiot; another meaningless day spent eating chips while having my anime marathon.

For instance, right after I blogged this morning, I couldn't find another thing to do. So, I ended up watching an anime since morning. My bros were out with the car, which practically means I have no means of getting out to get lunch. In the end, after scavanging around the house for food,

my lunch = instant mushroom soup + 2 small pkts of sesame gingko biscuit + 1 pkt of chips + 1 tin of Coke

Although i'm not a diet-freak or anything near it, I think everyone is more than aware of the amount of calories my lunch had. So there I was imagining the calories from each mouthful of chips i ate turning into undesirable fat layers in on my tummy. At that fateful moment, I somehow stumbled upon TV mart which co-incidently was screening some ad on the sauna belt!

As I watched the same darn ad with the same hosts for nearly 5 mins, I lost count on the number of times they guaranteed the belt will help u lose at least 1 inch after 15 mins only. It was so so tempting but...their guarantee sounds..fake @.@

Its always like that, when someone is trying to get my trust, the moment he says these words for the 2nd time in the same conversation, the trust shatters.

Oh well, now after dinner, I'm still stuck in front of the comp, yet again, blogging. Anyways, jz now as I chatted with a friend, we somehow stumbled upon a topic regarding a guys' loo. So he asked me watch this video which I find ridiculous. If anyone has time to kill, they definately have to watch this( btw, I HIGHLY recommend this to girls who wanna find out more about how a guys' loo is) [Click Here]

Anyways, do not worry, this video contains no nudity what-so-ever, after all, I AM an innocent young thing! lol... however be warned that its a little long (around 10mins) so it might take a little time to upload depending on ur connection. So enjoy =)

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