Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i baked cookies^^

Boredom at home can sometimes lead to wonders (although it usually causes me an insatiable hunger and desire to munch and munch till my belly bursts -_-'')

Well, for today, boredom brought wonders to me!

I baked cookies!
To be exact, I baked DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies!!

I swear its the truth!
My brothers came back from school and grabbed a bite of the cookies AFTER eating lunch.
And although they were already full, they gave thumbs up for my cookies!!

Yeah!! Cheers to me for baking wonderful cookies!

Unfortunately, I didnt take any pics of the process *sobs*
Actually, I dare not take any pics because I usually screw up the cookies I bake.
They usually end up super-hard and are hardly edible -_-''

Amazingly, I did a good job today!

Maybe it's the recipe, or maybe I'm getting to become a better cook


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