Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rain is the MAN!

Finally, the night where Rain performed live in K.L arrived!!


Let's start of with a little details
before the concert started.

First a picture of me on the concert day^^

We got freebies from the sponsors of the concert;

1. Hotlink
- a poster

(ya..its the one where Rain has this 'not-so-cute' facial expression *sobs*)

- the gigantic hotlink hands to wave along to the music

which unfortunately wasn't fully utilized because no one can see 'the hand' in the dark

- a keychain which came free when I purchased a Rm10 reload card

2. LG
- free postcards with Rain looking super cute!!!!

3. Clear
- free shampoo samples

Well, its not much least its better than nothing.

Inside the stadium, things were pretty messy.
As my tickets are free ones from Carlsberg, I had to go to a special section right at the top of the stadium (3rd tier which means the furthest from the stage *sobs*)
Yeah..I was duped to believing my tickets were worth Rm402.

^the supposedly worth rm402 ticket..^

BUT, thankfully the seats were directly facing the stage and NOT at the side so the sound effect was fantastic!

Anyways, at 8.45pm, Rain came on stage to a horde of thousands of screaming fans!

Though I couldn't see Rain's face (unless I look at the screen),
BUT, at the very least, I got to see the whole picture of Rain performing with his dancers and the visual effects on and off-stage!!

Maybe I since its my first time attending a concert, I was totally blown away by the loud bass which resounded in the entire stadium. And since I was at the highest tier, I could feel the floor pounding with every beat of Rains' songs!
Sometimes the bass got so loud that I actually feared that the entire upper tier might fall off and crush the ppl beneath! LOL^^

To get a feel of what happened indoor,
[click here] to watch Rain performing 'It's Raining' from his 3rd album.

For every 2 or 3 songs, Rain would have a short break and chat with the audience. Well, its not exactly chatting, but yea..he was talking to the audience. And it was then that we all became his 'babies'!!

Ya..u heard me right! I'm Rain's baby!! (let's just ignore the fact that there were thousands of audience in the stadium, and imagine I'm the ONLY ONE there..LoL >.<) Not to mention, I got a kiss from Rain! (yea..a flying kiss XD wahahaha but a kiss nonetheless!)

Rain can really dance! His moves are slick and made every single girl in the stadium melt, because he is so HOT!!!
He danced to every single song and I salute his showmanship!
Imagine the fire on stage, the lightings, the laser beams, the multiple screens, and etc... I mean the props that they used on stage were amazing, the effect was breathtaking! And Rain's dance moves left the girls screaming (the screams went to a higher decibel when Rain does his Michel Jackson-like-crotch-holding-move! Wahahaha >.< ) Well, I have a few pictures of Rain taken from afar..*sobs*
^Rain putting on his sunglasses to the song Escaping the Sun^

^He's dancing!!^

Oh ya, let's not forget the moment where it rained in the indoor stadium! Actually I was a little disappointed because I had expected Rain to go topless on stage, and sadly that didn't happen *sobs* (and i blame the tight rules and regulation the gov impose on performers )

^pic is super-blur as its taken using my phone -_-'' ^
(In case you can't figure out the picture, the bright shining thing is where it rained on stage..)

So, I guess at the end of Rains' concert, all of us; the audiences, were left feeling high and happy ^^ (especially me) BUT i think some of them were left with half-deaf ears due to fanatic-high-pitched screaming from fans i.e those who sat around me. Hahaha^^
It's like sometimes when you get annoyed when someone talks loudly on the phone on the train. And in this case, I was the the annoying person screaming like mad and my high pitched voice caused much more damage to the ears..but it's a Rain concert, so please forgive my actions. Hehehe^^

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