Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Raining!!

I think everyone is well aware that korean-pop star RAIN(bi) himself is coming to Malaysia!!! And he'll be performing LIVE IN KL at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on the 27th of January 2007! (which is exactly 1 week away!!)

Gyaaah!! I jz cannot control my excitement! Ever since I watched the korean drama 'Full house', I have fallen in love with him!!
He's super kawaii in dramas, yet when he's on stage performing...He's HOT!! *drools*

I mean like look at his body! If that aint spelled H-O-T, you better get ur eyes checked!! BcozRain is THE MAN!! Wahahaha *evil laughter*

Anyways, this whole Rain-mania started while I was still working in Subang early this year where I found out that Bausch & Lomb was giving out free passes to watch Rain live in KL!

Well, being the usual me, anything that has the word 'free' definately catches my attention. AND, when its coined to RAIN!!! I was estatic! I knew there and then that I definately have to take part in the contest!!

But yea..there's a catch to it (after all, ntg in this world comes free)
To take part in the contest I had to purchase either a box of contact lens, or 2 bottles of Renu Multiplus Solution, and get attached the lids with an original receipt with the contest form.

So...I bought 2 boxes of lens and 2 bottles of multipurpose solution,
just to get 3 entry forms which = 3 chances for me to win a Rain concert ticket!

But it isnt that simple, I still had to put a creative signature to stand a chance to win! Since i'm not gifted in arts, my chances would be near to 0%...(at least I had thought so)

However, right now I have 2 tickets to watch RAIN!!!
Hehehe^^ I myself am going to the concert!!!

Instead of being all sad and gloomy when Rain performs in Malaysia, I'll actually be IN the stadium to hear Rain sing!!

I'll be there to actually witness his oh-so-hot-body with my own pair of eyes!!!

Whoa...that is jz amazing! I'm already so excited even before the concert !

I can imagine myself amidst the legions of fans in a packed stadium, screaming my lungs out till my voice would end up a off pitched the very next day.

Ohya, I forgot to mention that the 2 tickets I hv arent from the contest. They were given out when I asked my family to purchase 2 cartons of Carlsberg!!

Yup, my parents bought 2 cartons of beer jz to obtain those tickets!! But honestly, if it weren't for my friend, Meow, whom I knew when working in Subang, I wouldnt hv gotten those free tickets!

Anyways, regarding the Bausch & Lomb contest, someone called Miss T contacted and asked me to go to their office in Petaling Jaya to pick up my free ticket! (which means somehow my creativity is appreciated by some! Either that or very few ppl participated in the contest -_-'')

So all in all, I have 3 tickets!!

Thus, my whole family would be there at the stadiumto catch Rain!!!
3 tickets = Me, mama & papa
Bros = 2 part-time helpers at the concert bros somehow got jobs to be usherers during the concert night. Hopefully they wouldn't be stuck backstage when Rain is performing! Hahaha...

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