Friday, January 19, 2007

When was the last time u rode a bicycle?

This whole day has been yet another unproductive day.
I spent more than half a day wondering in MidValley with my dad doing nothing in particular; we were mainly walking around without an purpose. But I guess that's what window-shopping is all about; walking around doing nothing. -_-''

Anyways, I met my supervisor, Angie ,who got me my previous job as a promoter in Subang Parade (i.e the promoter for the 'I want a car' Contest) while I was there.
Guess what??

Of all things, she said my dad looks young! Kinda like my older brother. Then she added, some ppl might also think that he's my sugar-daddy!

Wha?? @.@

DO i seriously look like that kinda girl?

Wait a minute, now that the term 'sugar-daddy' came into picture, I can't help but to get
reminded of some experiences that are related to this term.

Back when I was working in Osim, there's always this 'uncle' who would always come into the outlet for a 'free' massage. Being a regular 'customer' he would always talk to me, and ask a lot of questions. Simple conversation with an old guy is not a problem with me (as long as u dont bore me with grandma stories)

BUT this man keeps asking whether I need a lift back home after work. SAying things like,

'Wow, u work the whole day here? Then u dont go back and bathe?'

Now that I think of it, he seems like someone who fits the 'sugar-daddy' profile 100%!

1. He likes talking to 'sweet young things'
(like me, of course! =P)

2. He likes buying things for girls
( he bought me a drink once)

3. He phones girls jz to chat.
( ya..he calls me once in awhile eventhough I've already stopped working in Osim. And I cant even remember why I gave my number to him the 1st place)

4. He must definately be a dirty old man.

Now that I'm talking about D.O.M or Dirty Old Men, let me jz share a story about ANOTHER old man I met when I was working in Subang last december.
I can still remember that this happened before christmas ( in fact the incident occured during my first week of work in Subang)

To begin with, let me explain the duty of my job. I'm kinda like a person-in-charge of the contest in Subang Carrefour. SO all I do is create awareness that there's such a contest going on, and help participants to fill up their contest forms

So imagine this,
I approached the D.O.M without knowing it, telling him about the conditions to take part in the contest. Since a conversation had already began, the D.O.M used it to his advantage and asked questions like

'Ur working part-time ah?'
'Do you have any off-days?'
'No? So you're spending ur Christmas working?'
'So pityful. Dont worry, I'll come visit you and bring u out..'

I was like err...@.@
'how do I get rid of this annoying man..'

Thankfully, someone wanted to take part and wanted a form. So I quickly closed all conversations with the D.O.M without saying bye bye (kinda like how u close down the msn conversation tab when u meet an annoying person)

Lucky for me, the D.O.M left the scene and never came back to visit me on Christmas.

Back to the title of my post,

When was the last time u rode a bicycle?"
For me, the last time I rode mine must have been more than 6 months ago. In fact it could have been more than a year!
The reason why I mention this is because I was spending this 2 days finishing the anime called Honey And Clover

Its a really nice and simple anime about love n life.
And as I completed the whole anime, I came to a realisation that life is very plain. The only things that really happens in our daily life are limited to :-

2. family
3. friends
4. love

And yet, there are times when we'll feel empty even though we have all 4 aspects above.


I think its purely because there's a 5th aspect to life which differs according to individuals. It something that I believe everyone has to find out for themselves.
Some find it through religion and god, others...
others like me jz waste time living life as it is.

And in the anime, this search for the answer is equated as a ride on a bicycle,
to see how far we can go without turning our backs.

Also, there is this episode about letting go.

In this case, its about letting go of an unrequited love.

A broken heart is kinda like a flowering plant which stem is half-broken. Initially the leaves and flowers on the upper part are still green and nice.
BUT, if u do not break off the upper part, the whole plant would wither because of its own weight. If the plant had been broken of at the point of injury, it would have continued to grow and bloom.
In love it is the same, if we have been hurt, had our hearts broken, there's no point in holding on for too long. If you do, you might end up like the plant. At least that's what I believe in.

But, love isnt that simple is it?
Oh well, life isnt simple. Its rather complicated.

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