Thursday, January 18, 2007

the longest break

More than 1 month of not blogging! That has gotta be my longest duration of not blogging, EVER!

Over the past month and a half, I went through lots of things!
I met many many different people and forged new friendships.
The happenings in my life during this period has lead from one change to another, and I think that I'm constantly changing; personality-wise, mentally and a bit of physical changes (no..its not a boob job, but I think I lost some weight while I was working the last month^^ )

1. I broke up with my bf

This is the major change in my life. More than 3 months ago I was in love with someone. I shared and cared for him. I would say that I have had given my best to make him happy when he was still in Msia. I was a really good gf. (I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating about how good I am to my ex, but my close friends back in college would know the truth behind this statement. I think only they saw how good I was to him and all of them had intially thought I was being too nice, but now that I hv broken up with him, I think they were reather shocked.
None of them saw this coming, neither did my ex.
I know I'm an evil being who jz left a good man devasted in a cold land hundreds of miles away from Msia. But there's nothing that I can do to change the fact. I've already made up my mind and I shall remain adamant on being ONLY friends with my ex.
This change has brought upon concerns and advices from not only my family, but also my friends.

Back when I had initially broken up with him I was a complete mess, not bcoz I couldn't let go of him or anything like that, its jz that somehow I kinda got lectures from my parents all the time.
The reason I got lectured was bcoz I was being chased by another guy whom they deem is unfit and un-matched for me..i.e someone who is jz UN-everything to me.
But being borned under a sagittarian star makes me stubborn, and so i insisted in seeing the guy. This lead to a big hoo-ha in my family and all. Every night after work they would lecture me, talk me out into being too 'close' with him.
It was a whole mess. I'm telling you, back then my mind was never at ease. I was always under stress, thinking of solutions.. and to add on to the whole stress, my ex couldnt let me go.. I was mentally drained back then..

Thankfully now that I've finished working I have more time to myself; time alone to think about what has happened to me, time to analyse and think through the who I have becomed and also time for me to blog out my feellings.

Anyways, I got a new laptop which hopefully will serve me well^^
So this indirectly means more time for me to surf the net!!


|dAia| said...

owwww gal,dah break up with him who's the new guy?heheh.i pn nak quit job this sunday.kinda sad.dah cari rumah?

misz ade said...

anyway,que sara sara..whatever will b will b.
take care dear..and hehe just curious,who's the new guy?=P

WeNe said...

yup, broke up with him more than half a month ago..
the new guy..erm..someone i met at work..its kinda comlicated..hehe^^

yup, i dah cari rumah =) u?

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