Monday, February 05, 2007

Updated looks

When I first saw labels under my friends' post in her blog, I wondered,

'What's a label?'
How come she has one but I don't?'

That happened months ago...

And now, I know how to put labels! FINALLY!
Praise my lucky stars that I finally took the time to read what other people has to say about blogging. (actually, I have too much time to kill and so..the rest is history)

Actually, to put labels, all I had to do was to get an updated version of the templates -_-''
Oh well, at the very least I DID update it. LOL^^

Actually, I had wanted to retain my original template (the one with the snowflakes and all)
BUT, somehow I lost the original html!! *sobs*

That is why I had to change my template to the current one now.

Thankfully the updated version of the templates are super-easy and user-friendly!! Even a slow learner like me learned how to change the color!

A big hug for blogger for making blogging a whole lot easier!!

Now that my blog has a new look, I was pondering on whether I should get a new hairdo.
I permed my hair more almost 3 months ago, and NOW...its a mess -_-''

I trimmed my hair only ONCE after the perm, and thus the curls aren't as curly as they're supposed to be.
So, in the end I have this really frizzy and a hair with great volume. To be honest, its kinda like a lions' mane!
Scary, huh? But that's the ugly truth; my hair is a mess, if I don't put any mousse of oil on my hair.

From the feedbacks I got from my friends, a straightened hair complements my look much better.
BUT, it's so expensive to get my hair done!
I haven't even got paid for my previous job!
*sobs* And since I'm gonna enter IMU (my university) in a few weeks time, I have to a bit more stingy when it comes to spending; cause I gotta but the furniture for my new hostel.

So..I think I'll only get a new hair-do NEXT year. LOL^^

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