Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How to handle an accident

Today, I observed an accident and thus, came up with a 'brilliant' guide on how to cope with an accident.

Firstly, no matter whose fault it is, always get out of your vehicle to observe the extent of damage.
(BUT, if the opposite vehicle is owned by a not-so-friendly-looking man, do think twice)

Secondly, quickly snap a picture of:
1. damage to both vehicles
2. car registration number
3. road tax

Thirdly, make a phone call to your parents or friends or someone who important to you.

Fourth, discuss all matters with the opposite person without raising your voice (unless he/she is the one who is at the wrong) If you are at fault, try your best to be friendly and smile (and also cross your fingers that you won't get punched on your face)

Five, exchange cash or contact number.
The reason why I wrote this is because I myself have had experience being in an accident before. Thankfully both happened when I wasn't the one behind the wheels ^^

Anyways, an accident happened right in front of my house this evening, and the loud shattering of glass attracted the attention of many people, including me.

Thus, I stood behind the window to 'pat-kua'.

So, I noticed that the person who got knocked was this Honda(or it might be a Nissan, oh well, I'm bad in cars anyways) driven by this indian couple while the other car was a modified black Wira driven by a young chinese lad.

To shorten the story,
both sides exchanged numbers after a long period of looking at each others cars while the female sat patiently inside the car.
Apparently, woman are still bad when it comes to handling accidents. They just sit around and let the guys handle the talking. (Yea...that was exactly what I did too, sit, observe and wait)

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