Saturday, March 24, 2007

1st time @ a club

After many many years of day-dreaming of being in a club, I finally stepped into one! *happy happy*
Ever since I read a magazine called Juice( or something like that), which I got free during visits to Starbucks) when I was in secondary school, I was tempted to enter the clubbing scene as soon as possible. Every time someone mentions about going to a club, I would definitely nod my head and look at the person who suggested it with 'pleading' eyes.

Unfortunately, even after 3 years of leaving my secondary school, I never stepped into a club...that is until last night.

This all happened bcoz my 'pleading' eyes successfully persuaded my friend from IMU to bring me there!
We went as a group of 5 girls and 3 guys, by public transport *sobs*
So when we reached KL, the last train to the clubbing area had already left.
Thus, we resorted to hailing a cab in the middle of the night.
As my friends and I waved, a white car driven by some middle aged man stopped!
Boy, we were so shocked!
Thankfully, the D.O.M (dirty old man) realized that we aren't 'that' kind of people, he left.

We arrived at Maison around midnight and the place was packed!
[Maison's Homepage!!]
Okay, maybe it isn't as packed as other clubs, but it's the only club I've been too and there were many people queuing outside, or maybe they were just waiting. Lol^^

Getting in wasn't a big problem cause the minimum age is only 18yrs, which is one of the reasons Maison is packed.
They checked our I.C and then stamped our hands, and it read out
Happening Club

OK, to cut things short, I didn't intend to spend any money because I thought I would have gotten a free drink as it was ladies night.

BUT, there aren't any free drinks!(Stingy club! or maybe it's because we went there after 11pm -_-'') So, I had to pay rm30 for a drink!

Then, the whole club was so smoky (cause of the large amount of people who smoke like chimneys in the club). The smell of cigarettes lingered on my hair even after 2 washes!!! (when I think about it, I wonder how much of nicotine I inhaled after only 3 hours in the club)

I saw many who were high and drunk. In fact, I saw a topless guy lying out on the street just opposite the club when I left. (pity it wasn't a topless girl. If it was....I think all the guys would have transformed into wolves in the middle of the street. Lol^^)

YET, I somehow have this unexplainable desire to visit a club, again.

However, I doubt it'll happen anytime soon because I think its too expensive. My whole night out inclusive of drinks was rm39.50.
And when I told my other friend who has been to a club, she was surprised. This is because she got a free drink from some one in the club. Am I that unapproachable? o.0

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