Sunday, March 18, 2007


As I updated myself to the latest happenings in my friends' life (either through mamak sessions or jz by browsing their blogs), I notice one similarity; Change is inevitable.

Yup, as lame as it sounds, we all change.

There's no hiding or denying the fact.

Changes in physical appearance, Change in love life, (slight) change in personality, and the list goes on.

Of course I've changed, but I'm totally unaware of the extent of my change.
But, from friends' remarks, I think the major change in me is my appearance.
from a not-so-straight hair ---> a not-so-successfully permed brown hair. LoL.

Ohya, before I forget this, I am so proud to announce that I've PLEDGED my organs!!

The decision was made right after I sms-ed my parents, asking this question,
"Is it ok if i pledge my organs?"

Mum replied, "I think it's ok"
Dad, " It's up to you, but ask mum first."

SO, I filled up a form, and got a card stating that I am a organ donor.
Of course I was a little shaky when I filled up the form, because it kinda felt like you're gonna die soon and so you're writing a will or something like that.

BUT, it is a good deed!
Because all my organs are in good conditions! LoL^^ (at least I think it is)

Anyways, do check out this website -->
[Organ Donation, FAQ]


Angelus said...

na.. who says ur hair is a disaster? i like it ^^

Anonymous said...

Congrats on pledging your organs. There is no greater sacrifice/charity than that.

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