Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good Charlotte is in town but...

but i'm stuck @ home doing nothing
Read The Star and found a whole lot of bizarre news..

[1. A couple caught having sex in car.]

Now, apparently the police patrol car spotted them in action, and I guess they panicked.

so the guy drove away from the scene but unfortunately, they got involved in an accident and wham!

both were left naked in the car and the guy had to be admitted into a hospital.

Lol^^ i personally find it hilarious and when I checked The Star Online, this news was the most viewed.. this jz comes to show how powerful the word s-e-x is.Hehe^^

[2. A guy in Ipoh collected trash for 4 years.]

Now, that is seriously some dirty old man! According to the news, his place was SO Smelly that his neighbors complained to the city council!

It is so scary, especially after seeing the pictures of his house!

Apparently, the man's weird collecting habits began since his wife left him 3 years ago.

And so I came up with my own theory to explain the whole thing.

The man cannot live without his wife and was most probably caught up in his depressed state that he couldn't care less about his surroundings.

Yea..that's what happens when men get depressed. Well, at least its better than women. When women get depressed, they :-

1. either eat till they grow into the size of incredible hulk..most probably eating ice-creams and chocolates whole day in front of the tv.

2. get so depressed till they slash their own wrists, or find loads of pills and over-dose themselves, so that they'll disappear from the face of the planet.

Yup, more women kill themselves compared to men @ least that's what I think.

And in Friday's The Star,
was a news regarding a Cambodian elderly man who couldn't handle his urges and tried to 'do it' with a cow in the middle of the night.

The cow got frightened and kicked the old man whom later on died due to the injuries.

His grandson found the old man's naked body after hearing the sounds of a scuffle.

And apparently the old man had been divorced twice due to his 'insatiable' needs. Lol^^

Just before I came on9, I was doing some housework and when I wanted to take a short break, I found out that the movie, "A hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" was on air!! So I watched the comedy.

After that movie, I found out that a movie called the 'sleepwalkers' based on a Stephen King novel was showing in about 15mins! So I bathed and then watched the movie. Lol^^

So that was two movies back-to-back.

And after I watched the movie, I noticed that I had received an sms from my friend, asking about the Good Charlotte concert. And I replied her after more than 2 hours...

Anyways, main point was, by the time she replied, she was already at the concert while I was watching old movies. Lol^^

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