Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm getting old..

i jz found out that I forgotten my password for youtube -_-''
I had wanted to delete a video which I posted for the IMU intercultural week.
And in the video I look horrible and sound terrible too. Lol^^
so the thought of me scaring people wasn't pleasant at all, so I had wanted to delete it after I found out a former Intec friend posted a comment!

I tried to get my password, but somehow I couldn't because the system kept telling me that the verification code I keyed in is invalid!
Help me plz...

Oh well, since I won't be able to delete it for now, go check it out before I delete it.
I'm not going to give u the link cause I refuse to show the 'ah-ji' side of myself


psy00060 said...

Talk about age... sigh...

~LiNoiC~ said...


.. and i thot the Nanny had a very interesting voice

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