Saturday, April 28, 2007

Idiots guide to Windows Movie Maker..

I'm officially an idiot when it comes to Windows Movie Maker.


Because I don't even know how to save a video into wmv format!

It all began when I just logged into my msn.

My cousin Peiru called me Ah-ji; which is the character I played during the Intercultural Week in uni. Initially I was shocked, because I thought non-imu students will not watch the video...

Anyways, apparently she liked the video and wants to know the ending..

So, there I was trying to piece together the 3 videos which was taken using my friend's digicam.
All I did was:
1. Piece the 3 videos together
2. shorten some unimportant parts i.e arrangement of props on stage, etc
3. added a title at the beginning

Doing those simple 3 task took me hours!!!
Yes..I'm a noob *sigh* but at least I tried...

After I did all that, I saved the file and thought I would be able to play it in winamp or vlc player.

Lo and didn't. Because the file was a movie maker project file. -_-''

I panicked and tried saving it over and over again in a different format but couldn't figure it out.

So, I resorted to asking another friend. Whom I guess was shocked at my 'stupidity' in saving files.

After his guidance, I successfully saved the video in a wmv format!!! *cheers*

BUT, unfortunately I haven't uploaded the video as my uploading speed is darn slow.

Yup, I found my password for YouTube =)

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