Thursday, May 31, 2007

Was excited to be going to Zouk, BUT..

BUT I was not allowed to enter!!!

Apparently I wasn't legally 21 so I couldn't enter Zouk!

To start off with, I saw Cleo magazine on sale and right on the cover was a small piece of card permitting entry for one person to Calvin Klein's In2U fragrance launch part @ Zouk,KL.

I was extremely excited and managed to get another to friends born on 1986 to tag along.

We were all excited( or maybe I'm the only one who's excited -_-'')

Anyway, we arrived at Zouk at 6.15pm so that we could be the first 500 people to get a goodie bag.
There were around 50 people in line by then.

As it reached 7pm(which was supposed to be the time the party starts), we were all still OUTSIDE of Zouk.

There I was, hungry and tired because of the high heels I was wearing.

Around 7.30pm, the line FINALLY moved.

When both my friend and I reached the bouncers(are they called bouncers or guards?), whom one happens to be a butch, they checked our ID and the guy politely(thankfully they were polite, if not I would have someone that very instant!) asked to move to the side as our birthdays' hasn't pass.

What the @#%$...

I was dumbfounded.

Shock, depression and the feeling of being cheated is all mixed up.

To add on, hunger and my tired soles had already sucked my dry of my energetic self.

I just stood there with my friends.

And in the end, the only friend who was legally 21 went in to get a goodie bag.

To make matters worse, the goodie bag didn't contain anything fantastic.
It only had a poster, a voucher for 20% off CK underwear, a 1.5ml sample of the perfume, and erm a Cleo lanyard. -_-''

There after, we walked to Klcc, had dinner @ KFC, and went back feeling all miserable.



chel said...

you serious arh!?!?!?! walauuuuuuwehhh....

Angelus said...


WeneT said...

yup, i'm damn serious..
can't get into zouk because I'm not a full 21.

still cursing the butch that didnt allow me to enter.
When I am REALLY 21 i'm so gonna go Zouk and burn don't the place.
Lol..jk la..hehe

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