Friday, May 25, 2007


Yeah^^ I watched Pirates of the Carribean - At world's end, yesterday!!

Right after classes, my house mates and I, along with my other batch mates, headed down to Berjaya Times Square to catch the movie.

Most of them watched in Imax theater, while my house mates and I watched it @ gsc cinema.

We all bought our tickets 2 days before.
Although the seats weren't exactly the best seats available, but it definitely beats seating in the very front row in the middle, right?

As usual, we all went in with high expectations as the previous two pirates' movie were fantastic.
They had great visuals which were never seen before.
For example in the very first pirates movie,
the immortal pirates turned into skeletons under the moonlight!

Now, that was a blast.

And in the second movie, we saw Davy Jones with all the oh-so-real tentacles around his face.
Oh...not to forget the sword-fighting scene which saw Orlando Bloom dashing slashing his enemy inside of a spinning windmill. (or something like that, can't really remember what the big wheel was anyways)

SO, technically speaking, we were all expecting more and MORE.

However, our (or more specifically MY) hopes were dashed!

*warning- spoilers ahead*

The third installment didn't introduce any new casts which were worth remembering, other than Chow Yun Fatt as Sao Feng, the head of pirates whose base lies in Singapore.

Overall the movie still retained its good graphics and nicely choreographed fighting scenes.

there was something missing.

It lacked the jokes which were plentiful in the second movie (remember the part where Captain Jack Sparrow got caught by the aborigines? that was just hilarious)

This movie had a few amusing scenes, but they weren't as memorable as the last one.

The monkey played an important part in this installment most of the jokes (which I remember vividly) involves him. And somehow I can't help but wonder is it the same monkey as the one which acted in A night in the Museum...

Oh well, maybe I compare and complain too much.
BUT.. it's a Pirates movie!!

Shouldn't it at least have a bombastic ending?

Talking about ending, to those who haven't watched it,
A little note of reminder -

WAIT for 2-3mins after the movie ends because after a few minutes of the credits,
you shall see Elizabeth and someone (this is a real spoiler if i tell u the character) and Orlando Bloom in the end.


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