Saturday, June 30, 2007

full updates~

Now that I finally have time and motivation (sounds like I'm a writer huh? "SS" pretending to be a writer) LOL^^

note: SS = shiok sendiri

Anyways, back to the post-examination days right after I watched Alone in the cinema.

That Sat, we had the recycling campaign again. The only difference was there were less (or in fact much LESSER) manpower as many students were already back in their hometown.
Thankfully there weren't that many items to collect this time around.
And so, by noon we were done.

Next up, we( meaning me, renly, poe, and cucu) hitched a ride with Ray to Giant,Kelana Jaya.
This was mainly because we had a job interview there.
AND, one of out batch mate who is pretty close to Ray was coincidently working there as well.

The job which we went for was under YunNam and London Weight management.
They needed sales assistants to push the sales of their vouchers.

At first, I wasn't impressed. I had the impression that all these companies were gimmicks which cheated ppl's money, as the results weren't really 100% successful.

However, when the lady started talking about the pay. I think my eyes lit up that very instant. LOL^^

SADLY, till now she hasn't contacted me or my friends. *sobs*
So much for my plans of getting a job during the holidays to cover the expenses for rebonding my hair.

Since I'm not earning money this holidays, I think I'll save rebonding my hair for this year end.
As for my hair color (which is now a horrendous two tone; black vs bright brown)
I think I'll buy a cheap hair dye, and ask my friend to color it for me. Hahaha^^

Wow, it seems like i'm pretty long-winded.
So cut the crap and fast forward.

Job interview--> had a short video of myself taken and got a free Kit Kat --> went Subang ktm --> Reached KL sentral --> went times square and sungai wang --> reached vista --> watched some drama --> slept

woke up late--> brendan came to have his photos taken --> went to endah parade --> went to pwtc bus station

and was on the was from KL to Kuala Terengganu (KT)
Although the bus was a luxurious 3-seater bus, I didn't get much sleep as the seats were squeaking and jerking every single time the driver steps on his brakes. *sigh*

Anyways, we reached KT in one piece by day-break and managed to take some pictures at the resorts' s0-called-office in KT.
this shows how early we reached KT^^

group pic in front of the'office' candid shot

the proper group pic =)

ade, youzhuan, cyik, wene, cucu, jason, chunkang, and renly

all smiles ^^

on the speed boat
(my fringe makes me look like come china-girl)

you zhuan and cyik enjoying the strong wind

redang reef resort, the place where we stayed for 2 nights

this is on the way back from redang to the jetty

and this is jason and i
(renly said we look like a couple cause we both wore our orientation t-shirt)
I still remember the exact words she said,
" you two look like a couple.
though jason isn't exactly extremely good-looking,
but you two look good together."

what the? @.@


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wendy n jason
wendy n jason

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