Monday, July 02, 2007

Spoilt for choices..

Being at home has pros and cons.

1. Unlimited excess to the internet.
which indirectly leads to
--> unlimited downloads of
> anime
>music videos

(this is undeniably led me to morph into a leech,
literally sucking data from the net. LOL^^)

Ohh..not to forgot
( chat chat..
type type type..
spam spam spam..)

2. Yum cha sessions with my friends.
(company to go out shopping, karaoke-ing, bla bla bla)

though i'm usually the obedient daughter who sits at home in front of the laptop.

and I also found time to wrap up all the comic books which I purchased over the past few months. LOL^^
(yea..I wrap up all the comics I buy, they're my babies..
I call them investment on my happiness..LOL^^)


lemme think,

being the holidays and all, I don't think there are any cons.

Well, maybe there's the tension of not being able to look for jobs in KL area (too far la..)

Anyways, I got a job!
Whee.. it's the London weight management promoter. Hehe^^
Which now means I have to diet a little so I'll look slim. (or slimmer? LOL^^)

Btw, I've got entrance tickets for 8tv's Wet & Wild Party!!
(blah..wanted to find the link for the party's details, but couldn't find it..dan it -.-'')

Whee^^ I haven't been to a party in Sunway Lagoon's surf beach,
SO, I'm definitely not gonna miss the chance this time around!

Greedy me persuaded 6 of my friends(including myself)
And managed to get 12 tickets^^ Muahaha...

5 of it are gonna be given to my friends,
that leaves 7 for me, and maybe I'll bring my bros there as well. LOL^^

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