Wednesday, July 04, 2007

100th Post^^

Today is purely unproductive.

I sat in front of the computer watching a few episodes of an anime called Mushishi.

Then, played some silly game on Wii.

Watched more anime.


Then went out to meet up with my primary school mates.
I should have known they didn't bring any camera.
It's been so so long since I met up with them, yet I didn't seize the chance to capture their pics -.-''
And, it's kinda saddening to meet them.
Cause all of them enrolled in the same secondary school, while I wasn't.
SO, obviously there's a slight gap during communication.

this is my 100th post!


ed/chisum said...

Happy 100th post!
U have a wii!?!??!?
I want!!!


WeneT said...

yea.. my dad bought a wii.

and the fella at low yat thought i was the one who wanted it -.-''


come to my house la,
can let u play whole day..


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