Friday, July 06, 2007


the number 7, always reminds me of a james bond movie.

hi, my name is bond.

james bond.

lol^^ pretty lame, huh?

anyways, life has pretty much been the same as usual.

I've been sitting, (yet again -.-'')
in front of my laptop, watching dramas...

watching 'claymore'

and, reading mangas online.

ALSO, the most important task is to download!
What's the point of having unlimited internet connection when u only use it for msn and surfing?
Although the uploading speed isn't THAT fantastic,
thanks to streamyx and their dominating force as malaysia's broadband provider.

Wait, I should be complaining about other providers like Time or Jaring who charge much more ridiculous prices compared to Streamyx, and give slower speed. many people use internet now, so money is virtually flowing into their pocket every single month.
Improve the services la...
upgrade our internet speed to 4mb for everyone!
(imagine how happy we would be? free upgrade as a merdeka celebration offer!!!)

Digi can give out 50 cars and 50 motorcycles!
Don't tell me Streamyx is so poor that they can't afford it?

Ya, right. Streamyx is so poor, but yet they can employ so many people to promote their internet packages and put them in almost every single shopping mall in the Klang Valley.

Just go to Low Yat,
there'll be a streamyx booth, at EVERY single floor.(except the higher levels la..less business ma)

Now, why am I so upset about local broadband providers?

My friend in Germany(Angelus) can download, using the very SAME program as me,
with speed up to 4-5MB/s!
and his speed is 16mb/s!

while me, with streamyx 512kb/s package, can only download up to a max of 100KB/s nia..

compare la... streamyx's latest package can only provide 4mb/s..
25% of what people get overseas..

BUT then, sometimes i'll think,
'aiyo, malaysia ma...complain more than later they'll hike up the price!


cause they know, no matter what happens, the people would still need to go get the package through them.
yalah, kononnya democratic.. -.-''


Phiku said...

broadband...jaring better...less ppl use and less ppl use...but not enough penetration...pity pity...

WeneT said...

cause jaring is more expensive..that's y no one wants jaring. lol^^

Phiku said...

same price la...cheaper also...rm79 for 1mbps...

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