Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 3 as an Olay promoter.

After working at Mid Valley for the third day, I found out

1. The rooftop of Mid Valleys' center court LEAKS when it rains -.-''
(talk about 'bumbung bocor' again, Malaysians can't construct proper roofs ar? sia suey only)

2. There are MORE pretty girls in Malaysia rather than good looking guys.
SO, that probably explains the whole Beauty and the Beast couples which you see ALMOST everywhere!
Either that, or maybe Malaysian guys aren't that good in self-grooming. Hahaha^^

3. MANY MANY people get LOST in Mid Vallley.
Instead of buying products from promoters, they as us for Directions.
And since I'm not exactly good with locations, I'll refer those lost souls to the information counter. LOL^^
(at least I'm doing them a good deed by not getting them to the wrong place. Hahaha XD)

The best encounter I've had yet was a whole family of tourist from India.
The whole family of around 5 people stood in front of our booth and the wife approached me.
She asked,
'Is there a place called Mid Valley?'

-.-'' I was shocked!
'Yes, maam. You're in Mid Valley.'

'Oh, where is Mid Valley?' (she must have missed the back part of my reply...)

'This IS Mid Valley.'

'Thank you.'

Then, the husband, who was missed out the whole conversation between his lady and I,
asked me the VERY same questions again.

I tell you, it was so damn hilarious.
Being in a place which u don't even know it's name. How LOST can one get??

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DjMeiMei said...

lolz.. u n cucu sure laugh like hell aftet tat one lo...

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