Thursday, July 19, 2007


Now that I'm working more than 12 hours a day.
I'm practically a dead person when I get back to the apartment.

Weds morning, got up around 7am n reached the apartment at 11pm.
Today(Thurs), got up at 7.30am, reached apartment at 11pm again.

So's no wonder that Olay,
or more specifically the agency that I'm working for now has to pay us rm120 a day.

Cucu and I had to stand nearly 12hours a day.
Our break is 2 hours a day, which makes the grand total working hours of 1o.

However, compared to the other booths, which includes Nivea, Loreal, Maybelline, Kate and Bioessence, our basic is considered one of the highest pay.

The others have a lower basic pay, but they have commission, while we don't.

Considering the fact that I have NEVER been a good sales person, I think I prefer the pay that I'm getting now.

And, we actually had a change of venue.
Instead of the initial lower ground promotion, ours was pushed to the concourse area, on the GROUND floor of Mid Valley's center court.

Also, I saw the exotic looking girl whom I talked about last post.
Funnily, she doesn't look that FANTASTIC when I saw her today.

Maybe she lacked make-up, or maybe I had an optical illusion the other day.
Nevertheless, she is indeed pretty, but she slightly on the chubby side.

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|dAia| said...

waaa.seronoknyer dapat work..nak kerja gak... =)

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