Monday, July 02, 2007


When I told my parents that I've gotten a job as a promoter for London Weight Management,
they were skeptical (as usual) and asked me to go online to do some research about the company.

AND so I did. (told you i'm an obedient daughter. lol)

To my horror, complaints over complaints popped out.

Not only for London Weight Management, but for their sister companies
New York Skin Solution
Yun Nam Hair Care


Trust me, it's not a very comforting thought to know that you are gonna promoter for a company with such black history.

The company has even been charged in court!

This leaves me in a dilemma.
Should I even work for them?
If I do, I might end up an accomplice of their unethical conduct.
Hmm, well they're not exactly unethical.
Every company that strives on sales use this tactic.

They push and push for sale, either by sweet-talking, or convincing you that you need their services.

For instance, I bought a voucher for a spa from CRES for my mum under my phone number.
My mum went for the first session, and was persuaded to sign up for a package.
She went for a few more sessions and stopped going cause she couldn't find the time.
Thus, every now and then they'll call my number (thinking that it's my mum they're talking to) and pester me to go for the next session. -.-''

Okay, so maybe I should just let the consumers know what they'll go through once they go for their first session.

Ekk..then comes the next big question.
Since the company is so unethical,
will they even pay me? *shudders*

Then my mum said,
'why go through the hassle of working?
even if u get the money its not worth it.
What if some unsatisfied consumers scold and harass you?'

Yea, makes loads of sense.
Screw working. LOL^^
I'm jz gonna sit at home
and make my ass grow fuller~ Hahaha...XD

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