Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Although I may be born in KL itself, I have been brought up in Klang ever since I was young.
Thus, it is only natural that Klang is my hometown.

I've always loved the way Klang has been growing,
especially the areas around Bukit Tinggi. It's growing into a second taipan-like area.
Loads of food stalls; it would be nearly impossible not to get food there.
(though I'm secretly hoping that some brave soul would open a western food restaurant there. XD)
Yesterday, a neighbor called up my mum and told her about the news where a woman 'kena sembelih' in Bayu Perdana (which is MY housing estate)

The words 'kena sembelih' was horrifying.

True enough.
The news came out in The Star paper today.
Click here
to read the story if you missed the news.

The fact that the robbers or rapists, got into the womans' house by climbing through the rooftop!
And, the roofs of my housing estate has always been known to be poorly constructed.
The tiles can be removed easily and thus, enabling people to sneak in.
Houses which are unoccupied here, are usually used by drug addicts due to this.

To add on to the scary happenings in Klang,
someone was shot dead too! In front of the syariah court too!
Click here

Klang is getting more unsafe day by day.
Kinda like what's happening around in KL. -.-''

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