Friday, July 13, 2007


After I finished watching the drama,
"Kimi wa Petto"

A friend asked me through msn whether I'm going to IMU to get my results.

Well, the obvious answer is NO.

Cause no matter how near Bukit Jalil may be to Klang.

The toll, the petrol, and the amount of driving to do,
is just not worth it for my results.
(at least that's my personal point of view.)

Plus, I was thinking to myself that I would be able to check my results online.

Lo and behold,

I TRIED logging into the network for the e-mail accounts of IMU students,


I FAILED to log in!

Stressed, I tried again.


But the same thing happens,
the same screen pops up asking me for my log in ID, and my password,
which I have conveniently FORGOTTEN. -.-''

Pissed off. I called IMU.

I thought they would be easy on me, and give me my results through the phone.
BUT....this had to happen.

'Excuse me miss, I would like to know my results'

'Which course are you in?'


'Hold on' *ring ring goes the phone as I was transferred to another department*

'Hello, may I help you?'

'I would like to know my results, I'm from P107'

'You can check your EOS results online'

'Yea, I know but I've forgotten my password'

'Oh, then you'll have to get your password from the Help Desk.
Hold on, I'll transfer you over. If the call disconnects, call back at #####'

'Sorry? ####?'

'Oh, its the extension number,
*repeats the darn number, but due to the lack of active brain cells, I failed to remember the number, AGAIN*

*ring ring, AGAIN..*

'Hi, I've lost my log in password and would like to have it to check my results'
*at this point I was rather upset already*

'Well, you'll have to come to help desk to reset it'


'Yeah, where are you now?'


'Oh, okay, what's your student ID?'


'Okay, try logging into the network in 15 minutes. Your new password is ######'


SO, I FINALLY logged into the network and got ANOTHER password to check my results at IMUs' webpage.

I don't understand, why do they even bother to do that?
Needing us students to put not one, but TWO passwords to get our results which merely states whether we

It's not like the marks are posted or anything that sort. -.-''

They should just send us the results to our normal email providers like yahoo or hotmail lah~

Like a few weeks before our exams, during the study break,
IMU sent email to every single student, at their respective yahoo or hotmail account,
reminding us that we have to pay our second semester fees!

Ironic isn't it?
I guess when it comes to money, they don't mind sending emails, huh?

AND, it pisses me off even more,
when this popped up.

I guess the fonts are a bit too small, so, it said,

Sorry, your results are not available yet. Please check back later. Thank you.

What the #$%@!

Bloody IMU, why aren't our results posted online yet?
There I was thinking IMU is so advanced and yet..
they couldn't even post our results online.

AND, the results were SUPPOSED to be released on 3days ago on Tuesday,
BUT was postponed to today.

SO, in the end, I decided that IF they(IMU student affair) didn't even bother to make sure that our results were released online,

why should I care? *yea..who the hell am I kidding?*

I'm basically half paranoid, especially after I found out those who DROVE all the way to IMU had already got their results.

Sheesh...I'm contradicting myself. -.-''

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