Friday, July 13, 2007

Kimi wa Petto

In english, it means --> You're my Pet

Anyways, I've completed all 10episodes of the drama! Banzai~

The story, revolves around, a 29 year-old woman named Iwaya Sumire,
and how she amazingly made Goda Takeshi, a man in his early 20s, her pet a.k.a Momo.
the cover for the dvdsumire-chan bathing momo
The picture on the left is the original picture, as the whole drama is actually based on a manga called 'tramps like us'

I think by now, you all should know that Momo is played by Matsumoto Jun^^
He's just amazingly good-looking. *I'm so dreaming of having my own Momo*

All in all, I found the drama really appealing.

Maybe it's mainly due to the fact that they have a bishounen( pretty boy) as part of their cast. *matsumoto jun wa daisuki^^*

Or maybe it's because the drama reflects on problems, (love problems to be more specific)
faced by the modern woman nowadays.

It states the different opinions between a man and a woman.
How one's pride can swallow up their personal life...
How one should find their 'perfect' soulmate.

The one message that struck me the most in the drama is,

It's not easy to find someone whom you can show your true colors too.
Someone who will accept you unconditionally,
no matter how 'ugly' you may be inside.
Someone whom you can spend your time with comfortably.

Oh ya, then there's another topic that made me think.

In one of the episodes, one of the characters in the drama said this,

"Guys prefer a woman who is weaker than him.
They want to feel superior than the other.
So, no matter what, it's best to pretend to be cute and innocent,
rather than let your ego of being more intelligent get in the way."

Now, that SERIOUSLY explains real life stories of why working women find it hard to get partners. SO, every working modern women should watch the movie, and pray that they'll meet their own Momo soon.

If you wanna read more about the drama, you can visit
DramaWiki or Jdorama

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