Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm a lazy being

Lately, I've been rather caught up in practicing for my batch's cheer leading stint,
and also swimming and track running for the IMU cup.

A some-what sad thing happened during the track running practice.

At first I thought,

'since no one in my batch seems to be volunteering for this event,
maybe I should go help out a little.'

as all our seniors keep telling us that it doesn't really matter whether you excel in the sport or not.
Just enter, and get the participation marks.

BAD idea.

The Bpharmers(another batch which my batch is teaming up with),
has not only school runners,
BUT also a STATE runner!

Needless to say,
I who last did sprinting in my primary school days,
timed the worst time among all.

Sad sad case.

Then came swimming.
It's not like I can't swim, but I don't think I'm that fast.

So yea...another gone case...

AND lastly,
cheer leading practices.

At first we were all motivated to do our best.

However, after re-watching out senior's winning performance from last year.
I some what felt that out batch isn't gonna keep the title.

I know that our mind is the single most powerful tool in the entire universe.

"You are what you think"

I think negative.
I become negative.

Thus this explains why I have been feeling rather dejected and sad this few days.

So, think happy thoughts!
Which in the end, is ALWAYS easier said than done...

1 comment:

Johnny Ong said...

swimming and running - my forte those days but still into swimming at my condo. as for running, no chance for me to enter any competition la

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