Thursday, August 02, 2007

I just looked at my own blog and noticed how much I have blogged in the past month.

Maybe it's because I was so free during my semester break that I had nothing better to do than blogging.


But come this semester, the urge to blog has somehow faded.
I wonder why.

And by the way,
some weirdo with an EXTREMELY OBSCENE display picture viewed me.
(yes, I have the tendency to check, and sometimes view people who have viewed me)

When I saw that small display picture he had,
I knew immediately that this guy is weird.

Then, my house mates saw it.
They immediately asked me to view him, and so I did.

After a few clicks, we were traumatized by the horrendous picture.

And what's worse, he has groups like seks malaysia on his friendster groups' list.

If you have the guts to view him,
click here.

And so, I did some thinking and realized that my pictures on friendster, is giving out the wrong message, and thus misinterpretations were made. -.-''

BUT, i'm too lazy to bother.

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