Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Simpsons

I finally got to watch The Simpsons Movie.


It was
i was laughing like a mad man, so loudly that my mum was embarrassed to be seating next to me...-.-''

I have always been known to laugh loudly,
and if I'm together with my friends,
our laughter would cause heads to turn; for all the wrong reasons. *sigh*

Back to the movie, although Bart Simpson wrote on the blackboard

"I will not download this movie illegally"

I have already downloaded the whole movie.
Though it's a theater quality, it's still bearable.
And a comedy is watched over and over again because of it's jokes, not the quality of the movie. (at least to me)

I've even gotten a copy of Ratoutille, which has yet to be released in Malaysia, with Chinese subtitles. LOL^^

After watching the movie, I stuck my butt in front of my laptop again,
trying to source out for more things to download. Hahaha^^

By the way, I will be joining the Chinese Singing Competition in IMU.
The audition is this Weds, and hopefully I will qualify for both the individual and group categories. Hehe^^

I will definitely ask my friend to record my performance so that I can upload it^^

Gambateh to myself!

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