Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cheerleading to TODAY!!!

Finally, after around TWO whole months of practising our cheerleading, the DAY has arrived!!

We, SPARTANS, are gonna perform!! Whee^^

Haha.. Feeling really anxious about it.
Yet, at the same time, I can't help but to wait till tonight where I can finally take loads and loads of pictures of myself, and my friends and i of course. Hehe^^

Anyways, talking about pictures, here are some pictures which Poe and I took during Monash's Ball, where I paid only rm50 while Benjamin kindly sponsored the rest. Haha.

this is where Monash's Ball was held --> Mandarin Oriental Hotel

And the theme of the Ball is Back to the Noir Night, which I only found out that day..LOL^^

Poe, ben(our 'date') and me..hehe^^(i suddenly think I have large arms, they look 'muscular'..must be due to cheerleading..hahaha^^)

Poe and I, and Ben's hand..LOL^^
Now, more pictures me myself and i...Hahaha^^
(my bro says that i'm a cam-whore..mana ada? normal only wat..
I only take pictures when there are events. It's not like I take them everyday. Haha^^)

Me, striking a pose at the waiting area outside Mandarin's oriental grand ballroom.

Guess where this picture was taken??




It's the toilet of Mandarin Oriental..Haha^^

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