Friday, September 21, 2007

Updates Updates

Hehe.. I realized that once you start blogging, the itch comes back again.
Thus, here I am blogging again.

LOL^^ considering that I haven't blogged for more than two weeks, it's time for me to fill up all the 'missing' posts.

I think first of all would be the about the Blood Donation drive which IMU's Buddhist Society organized! Hehe^^ Being in-charge of publicity, I am proud to show u all the banner!!!
Hehe^^ Cucu and I posing with our cheerleading pose right below the banner! (we've been practising cheer leading every single night that it's kinda^^)
Here's a picture to show what we do every night. I'm not in the pic though*sobs*

Anyways, here's a pic of the banner up-close =) Ain't it pretty?
All the words were drawn by me, without printing it out!
And the last row, IMU B.S stands for Buddhist Society lah.. (just in case you dont get it..hehe^^)

And I donated blood! A full bag of 350ml of MY precious blood! hehe^^
It's my third time donating, so it was okay. I didn't really freak out, except when the nurse pierced the 1mm needle inside my veins. *ouch!*
Actually, I didn't even dare to look.

And, on the second day of the blood donation, we had a speaker from the national organ transplantation center to give a talk. Thus I was the emcee^^
(it was all last minute cause the we didn't realize that we should have an emcee, and since I was the emcee during the welcoming party, I was asked to become the emcee again.)
And, I didn't really mind, since I talk a lot when needed. LOL^^

me, the emcee^^

I look matured don't I?
Lately me house mates keep telling me that I shouldn't act cute,
cause my face is NOT cute at all. I look older than 21yrs old.
In fact, I've had this face since secondary school.
I look like I'm 25yrs above. -.-''
*sigh, i look like I'm 25 since I was thirteen*

By the way,
my housemates and I cooked chicken curry the other day!
And we were so proud of ourselves that we took a picture of it! Haha^^
Looks yummy doesn't it? Haha^^

This is one of the MOST popular dish that my house mates and I ALWAYS cook. It's steamed egg. Basically cause it's easy to prepare and eggs are always found in our kitchen. When we buy eggs, it's always one tray of 30 eggs! Haha^^

I'm starting to think that by the time my house mates and I go to Scotland, we'll most likely eaten hundreds of eggs... or maybe even thousands! LOL^^


Anonymous said...

yupe, lots and lots of eggs.... and POTATOES also!!! people here lots and lots of potatoes everyday!!!

Anonymous said...

oops.. and that was me. -ning- muaks

WeneT said...

hehe...ning ning =)
muacks muacks..

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