Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pics & videos

I had wanted to blog about the missing items yesterday,
but sadly, the thief didn't come out, so there was ntg to talk about anymore.

So, here are the pictures of myself, LOL^^
and of course, more pictures of SPARTANS^^

Actually, its cause I didnt take many pictures of myself,
and I think that I put too much foundation that I look too fair.
And that makes me feel so weird looking at my own pictures.

(gawd..look at my tummy..sob sobs)

I love this pic^^

hehe^^ not to forget the video!!!
you can also check this other version of the same video,
but taken from the first floor, so you can see all our formations =) click here


|dAia| said...

OMG.he had the guts to actually msg back ha...siannyer yg kene curi tu.neway congratz ya for 3rd place.n ya u guyz could have gotten 1st too.

WeneT said...

ya...that thief is so daring, but in the end he didnt turn up also..haih..

thanks for the wishes ya =)

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