Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Of facebook..

I admit it.

I'm officially addicted to facebook.

The first thing that I think when I'm connected to the internet is Facebook.
I'll be wondering how my pet -> Monkey Loves Banana^, is doing.
I'll be thinking who bought me over as a Human Pet.
I'll be having the urge to use my Vampire, Zombie, Werewolve and Slayer to attack someone.
I'll be thinking wat items to put in My room.
I'll be itching to get some head shot in the counter strike.

Yup, it's because Facebook has so darn many applications to add on, I'm turned into an addict.

One I get my hands on my laptop, I'm bound to spend at least 2 hours playing with Facebook.
Wait.....I think I spend more time than that! *sigh* -.-''

Anyways, initially, I didn't want to join another online social group other than friendster.
Then, more and more requests were sent to my mail,
AND it was mentioned in the newspaper as one of the hottest online group now.

SO, I decided to give it a shot.
The first time using Facebook is a disaster.
There were so SO MANY new things that got me all confused.
I had so many applications to add,
I didn't know how to add my friends.
I didn't know how to make my pet, etc.

BUT now..I'm stuck with it. LOL^^

By the way, when I was back at home in Klang last weekend, studying (while fooling around on Facebook), I smelled an awful stench.
I thought it was because the MPK rubbish truck was passing by.
However, when I went outside the house...guess what I saw?


Yup.. a dead RAT!
And when my brother removed the body to burry it,
there were MAGGOTS beneath it! *ewww*

I don't know which cat killed it, but it shouldn't have disposed the rat's body in my house compound! Bad bad kitty!
Not to mention, my dad always feed those alley cats with left-overs almost every night.
Yet they do that to us. -.-'' no wonder ppl rather keep dogs as pets. (need to see any dead rat lying around..lol)

Oh ya, this picture was taken using my phone, so forgive me for the poor quality.
But can u tell what it is?

is it some scene from an action movie?

Nope, it's a truck used for construction purposes in IMU.
But the front was in mid-air as the rear was weighed down.

Looks really cool huh?

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