Thursday, October 18, 2007

I went to 5 shopping malls!!!

It was pure madness to be walking around in 5 shopping complexes within a day.
And what made it madness, is the walking around.

Guess who I went with?




My parents!
(I'm such a good girl!! I accompany my parents out shopping!! I don't go out 'lepaking' with my friends that much, in fact, most of my 'mamak' sessions are initiated by my dad, he loves 'teh tarik' )

Now, let me list down the 5 shopping malls which we went, before I talk about the 'interesting' things which happened during my family outing. XD

1. Times Square
2. Low Yat
3. Pavilion
4. Sungai Wang
5. Imbi Plaza

Hahaha...and we passed by BB plaza as well!

Now, before a few days back, when my dad suggested to go to KL, I jokingly suggested that we should go to RedBox for a karaoke session.
And, my mum was excited! Hahaha^^ it's been so long since she went singing.

So, we went for the K-lunch package in RedBox.
Only the three of us, my mum, my dad and me myself, went.
And we sang for three hours.

From that three hour session, I learned something really REALLY shocking.

My parents can't really sing. HahaXD
So it's a wonder why I can sing without actually making everyone in the same room faint from horror! Hahaha^^

Maybe it's because they haven't been singing for so long, that their voice box got rusty.
Yet, they (esp my mum) still sang throughout the whole session.
Yes, she had fun.
So did my dad.

And, its even more shocking to find out that I can sing OLDIES!
I choose songs from Carpenters, Abba, The Police, Santana, and even Elvis Presley =.=''
Hahaha...and to be honest, I even loved a song from the "ancient" band The Police...titled "Don't Stand" (it's just so catchy, some one should sing song again!!!!) LOL^^

Another "interesting" which happened, was at Pavilion.
As I was reading a magazine inside the Times Bookstore (my family always goes to a bookstore in every single shopping mall without fail, EVERY TIME!!)

Well, as I said, as I was reading, suddenly an 'ah pek' or uncle approached me! *shocked*
another classic senario of D.O.M = Dirty Old Man.

And to make matters worse, I didn't know how to react *sighs*

The conversation was something like this,

DOM - are you a student?

Me - yes. (why?) *whispered*

DOM - Oh. So where do u study?

ME - IMU * yup I was that STUPID to have tell him where I studied = = *

DOM - Oh which campus? Bkt jalil or the one in seremban? *good lord, he knows IMU*

Me - *still stupidly answered his question* Bkt Jalil

DOM asked a few more questions like, where did I study in college, where did i study in secondary school? and I again stupidly answered *slaps myself*
DOM - *holds hands out* what's you name?

Me- *shakes his hands* miss tan

DOM - So, have you worked part-time? PC Fair? *still holds my hand, wth %&#@*

Me - No, only as a promoter. *pulls hands away*

DOM - oh, really?

Me- No, why?

DOM - I'm sure i've seen u before during a PC fair. *walks off*

it was so shitty..bloody old men...why do i attract DOMs...*shudders*
I don't want dirty old men who are interested to be a sugar daddy.
I want young, I mean guys my age to be interested in me!
Is it that hard? *sigh*

And after that, I freaked out and walked towards my mum and stood next to her like a little girl tagging along with her mummy. = =
I'm turning 21 yet I stick to my parents. How worse can that be?
I'll tell you what's worse!

What's worse is the fact that I wasn't wearing anything revealing!
I was decently dressed in jeans, and a sleeveless top. That's all!
Why me?

Maybe it's cause I stupidly answered his questions.
Man...i should learn to be evil.
I should learn to say WHAT out loud, and give every DOM who wants to talk to me a heart attack! And I should add on an angry look when I say "WHAT".

HAHA^^ but on second thought, what IF I mistaken a potential guy for a DOM and scared him off with my "WHAT?"

Oh...I've been tagged by ShenYang to take 5 pics of myself. Erm, 5 funny pics.
But I'lll delay it till tonight, hehe^^

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